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Senior Care – The Perfect Solution for Busy Families

Senior Care – The Perfect Solution for Busy Families in Gilbert AZ

Modern day technology and advances in medicine have increased the life expectancy in this country.  People over the age of 65 will soon outnumber the younger generation for the first time ever recorded.  In less than 40 years the number of people over 65 years old will have grown drastically from approximately 500 million to 1.5 billion.  Currently, some of the major threats to the elderly are non-communicable diseases such as cancer, diabetes and heart disease. Research has proven that taking care of ourselves from a young age can prevent such ailments, which may lead to a longer life.   However, there are still some obstacles that prevent the elderly from staying active and healthy. Dementia is one of the biggest issues we face in this struggle. Until a cure or new Senior Care Gilbert AZpreventative methods are discovered, dementia will continue to be a struggle for numerous patients and their families.  A growing number of dementia patients means a need for more caregivers to care for them on a daily basis.

The family dynamic has slowly been changing over the decades – while couples are choosing to have smaller families (if they have kids at all), they are less inclined to move their aging parent into their home.  Many adult children find themselves caught between two generations of family members who need their care.   Taking care of children, parents, and having a full-time job puts a lot of stress on families.  Senior care services is a perfect solution for busy families who are concerned about their elderly loved ones living alone in their own homes. A trained and loving caregiver can come into the home and provide companionship and help with daily tasks.

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Debbie McLay

Founder and CEO at About You Home Care
Debbie McLay has had a ten year career working as a Behavioral Health Technician providing Direct Care to youth and adults with behavioral challenges, including substance abuse, eating disorders, domestic violence, and mental illness. For her exceptional work in this area Debbie was nominated for Subcontractor Employee of the Year by Value Options, an organization contracted to manage the mental health system in Maricopa County, and her client was nominated for the Most Successful Client of the Year. Debbie’s entrepreneurial endeavors began twelve years ago when she owned a successful retail business in a busy mall.

Debbie experienced firsthand in her own family the challenges that caregiver’s endure when caring for an aging loved one and saw a need for providers who adhere to a higher standard with exceptional service and individualized care that she herself provided in her behavioral health career. Debbie combined her background in healthcare with her entrepreneurial experience and founded About You Home Care with a vision of serving others who were faced with the struggles that her family had experienced. She’s also a strong believer in community service and does volunteer work for Duet, a nonprofit organization that provides aid for older adults and their families that face the difficult challenges associated with aging. Debbie has been on the fundraising event Steering Committee since 2011 and served as the event chair for two of those years.

Debbie did her Undergraduate studies in Psychology and Behavioral Science with Honors and pursued additional education in Chemical Dependency Counseling.