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Music, Dementia, and Proper Elder Care

Elder Care in Phoenix AZ

Somebody who has been diagnosed with dementia may be concerned about what lies ahead. Alzheimer’s is a form of dementia and is one of the most commonly thought of diseases within the realm of Elder Care in Phoenix AZdementia. There are many different symptoms that can be associated with dementia, but the most significant is memory loss.

Memory loss is usually one of the first signs that a person may be dealing with some form of dementia. A person may forget a conversation he had with somebody the day before. They may forget about certain appointments, especially doctor’s appointments. They could forget where they put their keys (though almost everyone of any age has a tendency to do this from time to time). Getting proper elder care as early as possible is essential in the long-term aspects and prospect of most forms of dementia.

There are many things people can do to help improve the quality of life and also stave off more significant aspects of memory loss, at least for as long as possible. While there is no cure for Alzheimer’s or other forms of dementia, there are many treatment options available that the individual should discuss with his or her primary doctor. Incorporating mentally stimulating activities is a great way to help improve memory retention and delay the onset of more serious aspects of memory loss for as long as possible.

Music can also have a tremendously positive influence in a person’s life, according to the Alzheimer’s Association, especially for those who have been diagnosed with dementia. Not all forms of music are going to be beneficial, though. Music that can be helpful should focus on stimulating memories from their younger years. Every single moment in a person’s life is stored in a memory within the brain. Most of the memories people have become relegated to the subconscious levels of the mind where they are often forgotten until something triggers them. A sound, a particular site, hearing from somebody they haven’t heard from in decades, and even music from that period of their life can inspire memories to come forth in spades.

If people haven’t listened to music from their youth in 30, 40, 50 years or more, a particular song could inspire them to remember activities they did with friends they haven’t seen since that time in their life. Every single memory that is tapped into is getting the brain new levels of exercise. The more exercise the brain gets, the better it is for helping to prevent more memory loss, or at least delaying the onset of significant memory loss for as long as possible. This would be one of the best types of elder care a person can receive when they have been diagnosed with dementia.

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Debbie McLay

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Debbie McLay has had a ten year career working as a Behavioral Health Technician providing Direct Care to youth and adults with behavioral challenges, including substance abuse, eating disorders, domestic violence, and mental illness. For her exceptional work in this area Debbie was nominated for Subcontractor Employee of the Year by Value Options, an organization contracted to manage the mental health system in Maricopa County, and her client was nominated for the Most Successful Client of the Year. Debbie’s entrepreneurial endeavors began twelve years ago when she owned a successful retail business in a busy mall.

Debbie experienced firsthand in her own family the challenges that caregiver’s endure when caring for an aging loved one and saw a need for providers who adhere to a higher standard with exceptional service and individualized care that she herself provided in her behavioral health career. Debbie combined her background in healthcare with her entrepreneurial experience and founded About You Home Care with a vision of serving others who were faced with the struggles that her family had experienced. She’s also a strong believer in community service and does volunteer work for Duet, a nonprofit organization that provides aid for older adults and their families that face the difficult challenges associated with aging. Debbie has been on the fundraising event Steering Committee since 2011 and served as the event chair for two of those years.

Debbie did her Undergraduate studies in Psychology and Behavioral Science with Honors and pursued additional education in Chemical Dependency Counseling.