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3 Symptoms of Cataracts and Why Home Care Could Help the Senior Remain Safe

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There are a number of symptoms that could indicate somebody is beginning to develop cataracts. As people get older they are at an increased risk of developing certain health conditions, including visionHome Care in Apache Junction AZ related problems. It’s a good idea to sit down and seriously discuss the prospect of home care, whether or not the individual feels it’s necessary at the time, whether they are dealing with health issues or not, or even if they don’t have any vision related problems at the moment.

Cataracts are a very serious yet treatable vision related problems. Understanding some of the common symptoms that could indicate somebody is beginning to develop a cataract can encourage them to see their eye care professional as soon as possible and that improves the prospects for making a full recovery through treatment. The most common form of treatment for cataracts today is laser surgery that helps to remove the affected layer of the lens of the eye.

Three symptoms of cataracts are:

·       Clouded, blurred vision

·       Sensitivity to light and glare

·       Seeing “halos” around lights

These are just three of the common symptoms of cataracts, so why would home care even be necessary for somebody who may already be developing cataracts? While the senior will be able to see their eye care professional and have surgery to remove the affected portion of the lens so they can see more clearly and remain safe, cataracts indicate the individual is getting older and facing more health issues in time. Just because somebody has been diagnosed with cataracts doesn’t mean they are at an increased risk of developing glaucoma, macular degeneration, or other vision related problems, but that could be a serious consideration.

Once a person has laser surgery to remove the cataracts, they will need to be more protective of their eyes, including wearing sunglasses whenever going outside or even being exposed to direct sunlight within their home. During the recovery, they may have difficulty getting around or seeing as well is they used to. In these situations, an experienced in home care provider can be incredibly beneficial for helping to keep them safe, encouraged, and motivated to take care of themselves.

June is Cataracts Awareness Month and for any senior who may be dealing with these or other symptoms of cataracts, which could also include increased difficulty seeing at night, requiring stronger eyeglass prescriptions, fading of colors, or even double vision in one eye, they should consider seeing their eye doctor as soon as possible and also hiring an experienced in home care provider.

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Debbie McLay

Founder and CEO at About You Home Care
Debbie McLay has had a ten year career working as a Behavioral Health Technician providing Direct Care to youth and adults with behavioral challenges, including substance abuse, eating disorders, domestic violence, and mental illness. For her exceptional work in this area Debbie was nominated for Subcontractor Employee of the Year by Value Options, an organization contracted to manage the mental health system in Maricopa County, and her client was nominated for the Most Successful Client of the Year. Debbie’s entrepreneurial endeavors began twelve years ago when she owned a successful retail business in a busy mall.

Debbie experienced firsthand in her own family the challenges that caregiver’s endure when caring for an aging loved one and saw a need for providers who adhere to a higher standard with exceptional service and individualized care that she herself provided in her behavioral health career. Debbie combined her background in healthcare with her entrepreneurial experience and founded About You Home Care with a vision of serving others who were faced with the struggles that her family had experienced. She’s also a strong believer in community service and does volunteer work for Duet, a nonprofit organization that provides aid for older adults and their families that face the difficult challenges associated with aging. Debbie has been on the fundraising event Steering Committee since 2011 and served as the event chair for two of those years.

Debbie did her Undergraduate studies in Psychology and Behavioral Science with Honors and pursued additional education in Chemical Dependency Counseling.